You are on a beautiful .healing journey.

But sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. Whether you’re feeling stuck, irritated by strange symptoms, or off track somehow, there is another possibility…

hillary_circleHi I’m Hillary. I practice craniosacral therapy.
My work is to welcome you home to your body.

Your body mirrors your truth. You are a river of experiences; a force to be reckoned with.

And I know what you truly want is to take exquisite care of yourself.

Together we tap into your source of knowing that has always been a part of you.

Likely you’re here because someone urged you to try craniosacral for your neck pain, back pain, headaches… OR you’ve been doing research and something in you knows CST might be right for you.

The road isn’t always easy, my dear.

But you see value in moving forward. You’ve dabbled in various healing modalities and now you are looking for deep, lasting change.

I help you rediscover a life that’s aligned — in communication with what your body wants and needs at any given moment. What does that look like? It’s different for everyone, but there’s a quality of “a-ha!” where things just fall into place.

These are simple points of shift. Tiny changes. And together they form a course of self-directed transformation. To be able to help someone get there is such an honor.

When you’re ready, go ahead & book a session with me.

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