Your body keeps bugging you and you’re tired of it.


Whether you’re here because someone urged you to try CST or you’ve been doing your own research, my goal is to empower your search for deep, lasting change.


Hi I’m Hillary Tinapple LMP and owner/ practitioner of Cranio Seattle.

Two years ago I started offering CST sessions exclusively because I saw and felt, first hand, how quickly and powerfully it can uncover the roots of pain and dis-ease.

I believe our best tools for healing are within us. And we all get to discover that in our own unique way.

I offer Craniosacral Therapy to address:

  • Pain that’s been difficult to manage (neck pain, back pain)

  • Recovery from an accident, injury, dental work or surgical procedure

  • Stress-related issues, headaches, migraines, TMJ disorder, specific conditions that CST has been known to help

From our very first meeting, I’ll work closely with you to find out how our work together can support your goals.

You prefer handmade over store-bought. Trails over paved roads.

If you think of self care not as a luxury, but a worthy task, then we may be a good match. Many of my clients have added CST to their own path of self-discovery in order to more effectively serve others.


the heart of my practice

I’m devoted to helping people live with more awareness and better skills to navigate their bodies’ signals to improve health. To summarize my approach, here’s a distilled version of the kind of therapeutic relationship I like to cultivate.

Gentle Depth
A whole-body CST treatment focuses on your intelligent core, the central nervous system and all body systems that are affected by it. The basis of this gentle work is precision and informed intention. Exerting more effort doesn’t make better therapy.
I say hello to the place where your body meets your mind in the present moment, knowing that aspects of your physical/emotional/spiritual self may arise. Great work happens when all parts of you have room to grow.
You bring a lifetime of experiences into a session, and that means you are the expert. I’m here to support the tangible stuff — your body’s tissue as it narrates the story — so that you can release, unwind, and find your destination.


“Hillary is a therapist I highly recommend. I felt supported and celebrated and seen and heard, and not once pushed or pulled or coerced. She stayed with me, and gently kept me on track. Hers is a table I’d leap on without hesitation.”



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I take appointments online. When you’re ready, go ahead and schedule a session.

If you don’t see a day/time that works for you, contact me to tell me what you need.

The next step?
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