Craniosacral Therapy on Lake Union’s Portage Bay

Your beautiful .healing journey

…sometimes doesn’t feel that way, right?

Maybe you’re feeling stuck, irritated by strange symptoms, or off track somehow. There is another possibility.


Hi I’m Hillary.
My work is to welcome you home to your body.

This is done through the lens of Craniosacral Therapy, the principles of which are derived from osteopathic medicine.

From our very first meeting, I’ll work closely with you to find out how our work together can support your health and wellness goals.

Neck pain, back pain, headaches, stress-related issues?

Whether you’re here because someone urged you to try CST or you’ve been doing your own research, my goal is to empower your search for deep, lasting change.

The heart of my practice:

I’m devoted to helping people live with less pain, more awareness, and better skills to navigate their bodies’ signals to improve health. To help summarize my approach, here’s a distilled version of the kind of therapeutic relationship I like to cultivate.

Gentle Depth
A whole-body CST treatment focuses on your delicate core, the central nervous system and all body systems that are affected by it. The basis of this gentle work is precision and informed intention. Exerting more effort doesn’t make better therapy.
I say hello to the place where your body meets your mind in the present moment, knowing that aspects of your physical/emotional/spiritual self may arise. Great work happens when all parts of you have room to grow.
You bring a lifetime of experiences into a session, and that means you are the expert. I’m here to support the tangible stuff — your body’s tissue as it narrates the story — so that you can release, unwind, and find your destination.

I believe that inner change transforms the world. You can read about my story. When you’re ready, go ahead and book a session. I’m looking forward to working with you.