Hi I’m Hillary Tinapple, Craniosacral Therapist in Seattle. I help people find and clear what’s getting in the way of a life well-lived.

Does it feel safe to live in your body?


Many people carry a tremendous amount of tension throughout the head, shoulders, neck and jaw — causing pain and other symptoms that, over time, disconnect us from ourselves.

Whether it’s stress, trauma or an old injury, the stories of our lives tend to accumulate in our bodies.

Holding patterns develop in bone, muscle, soft tissue; patterns that can interrupt nerve traffic and fluid flow; patterns that I am trained to feel using specific, noninvasive touch.

What happens when you start to notice these accumulations? What happens when you decide to let them go?

. . .

You are on a mission of recovery. (Go you!)

Craniosacral therapy presents highly individualized solutions to any problem that may be causing inner conflict or discomfort. Can you imagine:

  • moving away from a stress response and finding a sense of calm and ease in your body?
  • feeling clearer about who you are and what you’re doing?
  • discovering old patterns you’ve been holding onto that you’re ready to let go of?
  • getting the support you need to heal from the inside out?

Cranio Seattle is a health-care-as-self-care practice centered around following your body’s inner treatment plan. I offer Craniosacral sessions that help you make friends with the part of you that knows what healthy feels like. Every session is about you, your goals, and your path to wellbeing.

Craniosacral Therapy is a whole-body approach

With a light touch, we pay special attention to the head, spine, tailbone, and natural flow of cerebrospinal fluid in meeting the core drivers of tension, and facilitate their release.

This alternative therapy is used by osteopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and massage therapists for treating:

• chronic neck/back pain • headache/migrane • TMJ dysfunction • stress-related issues • developmental disabilities • injury recovery *not an exhaustive list, but a general one

I have worked with a range of issues including depression and anxiety • PTSD • head injuries • sexual abuse • early childhood trauma • birth trauma… More About >

. . .

I am dedicated to this work because of the results I’ve seen.


It was surprising to reveal such emotional depth.
Hillary was a wonderful facilitator, and I learned about myself.
~social work grad student

  •  I felt more “space” in my body and a sense of peacefulness. I have felt the benefits and openings all week. ~health & fitness professional
  •  Hillary rocks! Her presence and tenderness are quite comforting and she created a safe space that empowered me to dig deep. ~yoga teacher, reiki practitioner
  •   I consider Hillary’s treatment, beyond question, to have been a turning point in my recovery. ~artist, art teacher
  •  Hillary is a therapist I highly recommend. ~craniosacral therapist, writer

. . .

How this works: I take appointments Monday thru Saturday, 9am until 1pm. You pick a day and time that works best for you to come to my office for a one-hour appointment in Capitol Hill, Seattle. You may schedule your session online. If you have questions, feel free to contact me. I answer emails and phone calls on weekdays, usually around 12 noon.

The day of your session: It’s best if you give yourself plenty of time to arrive and settle in. There’s a simple health history form on the clipboard to fill out. I’ll meet you there at our scheduled meeting time. You’ll be able to use the restroom and have a drink of water before we begin.

After your session: Under ideal conditions you’ll take time for yourself afterwards. You’ll gently keep yourself in your awareness and notice any changes that may have taken place (physically, emotionally, etc.). Reflection and re-integration is the theme here.

How many sessions are needed: You should feel better after 1 session and have a sense of whether or not we’re a good match working together. After a series of 3 sessions you should be well on your way to relief/resolution of what you came in for (or we’ll discuss other options for care).

How often: I encourage clients to receive CST once every three or four weeks to increase the efficacy and consistency of the work in relation to their specific goals of health. Some people choose to come in when their symptoms are at their worst, while others check in seasonally for long-term maintenance. You decide what’s best for you. When the time is right, reschedule.

Rates: $100 for each 1-hour session, which usually includes 50 minutes of hands-on time.

What to wear: Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Preferably something that’s easy to move in. While this is a hands-on therapy, you’ll remain completely clothed. I’ll ask you to remove shoes and jewelry before getting on the table.

Where we will be: 1123 E John St — the southwest corner of 12th & John. My office is located on the top floor of a renovated large home, converted into offices. Parking is available on the street and there are plenty of 2-hour parking spots in the area. We are also serviced by metro bus lines 8, 10, 43, 49 and 60.

. . .

I’m here to support your journey.

I believe in your innate ability to self-heal.